My Apollo Experience – Part IV: My Second Shadow

Tuesday - 6 days before school starts I took the hour and a half bus ride to school the next day to find a second desk in the room. Woohoo, progress has been achieved. But there was nothing on the desk. There was no computer or phone. Isabelle came in just after I got in and... Continue Reading →


My Apollo Experience – Part III

Chapter III: My First Shadow Monday – 7 days until school starts It was the day of the full-district orientation and the first day I was going to Talahi. Every single teacher showed up in the Apollo gymnasium and it was agonizingly loud. I knew people, but the people I knew were all extroverted or... Continue Reading →

I’m Scared

I'm scared because I haven't written anything--and I mean anything--since April 2017. I have tried, but my brain can usually only get out only a few words before the chaos of brain fog starts. It all started when I moved down to Ames, Iowa summer 2016, the summer before starting my PhD in Rhetoric and... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Writing IV

TW: MENTION OF SCHOOL SHOOTING On the fourth Stephen King book now.  Whoo.  This will be looking at the third book that Stephen King published. RAGE by Stephen King Okay, so a quick history about this: Stephen King published Rage under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.  Eventually, he let this book fall out of print because... Continue Reading →

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