The purpose of this blog is the chronicle my journey to my Master’s Thesis.  As it currently stands, I am planning on looking at the rhetoric behind the identity politics of autism.  This probably won’t be the best writing you have ever read, so if you don’t like writing that is discombobulated, probably move on.

While it will chronicle the journey to the Master’s Thesis, I will probably insert extra things here and there.  My goal is the post every day even if I don’t actually have anything to say.

I may post notes that I took or thoughts on a movie or tv episode I saw.  Either way, the audience, as it stands, is probably me.  That may change, but for the most part, I am selfish and will be writing for me and to keep me on my toes and keep looking and working on my thesis.

Well, that be it, y’all!  Peace out.  (I should be ashamed of myself, shouldn’t I?)


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