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People found out that a test can now detect Down’s Syndrome in the first trimester allowing “more time for decisions.”  Right-to-Lifers (Pro-life) are the only ones who are quoted, there are no disability rights activists found in the article.

Most disability rights groups are pro-choice, except when it comes to aborting a fetus based on disability.  At first read through, I thought that seemed ridiculous.  Pro-choice, but not in this case.  But, then it moved on to give another example of feminists being against abortions of the female fetus.  Isn’t this, however, counter intuitive?  You have the right to abort the fetus unless…(insert group here).

Hm…Interesting that I am not sure how I feel about this.  I love it, I get to wrestle with another thing.

Now that I have had a bit to think about it, that was not the point that he was going for.  He was going for: 1) why are we testing for Down’s Syndrome if not to just abort the fetus; and 2) mothers need to be informed when they make their decision, not told that “it is an awful thing…[your child] wouldn’t be able to read, write or live any sort of productive life.”  That is not information, that is lack of information that leads to abortion because “there is no other choice.”  Or so they think.  Mothers need to be given resources to disability rights groups that can truly tell her what life will be like.

But, now I have to disagree with what I said to some extent.  Here is why I disagree that mothers should be given resources to disability rights groups: most disability rights groups do not consist of any people with that disability in roles that make decisions.  So, I agree that mothers should be given resources to disability rights groups that are self-advocacy groups or groups that have people with disabilities on their boards.  “Nothing about us without us” rings loud and clear here.


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