FreeWrite Review: Where are the Orphans

Why don’t Jerry’s Orphans speak up to the media?  They are wasting a perfect opportunity to get their message out there.  Their message about discrimination of the MDA (Muscular Distrophy “Association?”) by refusing to allow volunteers with disabilities to work at a Muscular Dystrophe camp.

This makes me nervous because it may impact my life should I ever be determined to be disabled (Terribly written sentence for a thought that didn’t want to come out in the right way just yet).  This goes back to the third invisibilia episode where Daniel Kish, a man who has been blind since childhood, wanted to teach blind students.  But he couldn’t find anywhere that he could get a job, it was a blind leading the blind trope that held him back.

Something like the idea of being unable to be employed working with people with the same disability as you should make many people who want to get diagnoses run away from that prospect.  And while it might make them think about running away, they can either stand their ground and rebel or run away.


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