Web 3.0

What does Web 3.0 look like?  What are it’s characteristics?  Web 3.0 has yet to be fully defined because we may be in the in-between stage.

Some think that Web 3.0 will help us find information faster.

What does the evolution of the internet have to do with Blogs?  Blogs offer a chance to express oneself just as any writing offers.  We can help students better understand themselves by helping them understand why and how to use them.

What you have just experienced or will experience (if this is your first stop) is a journey to different technologies that we can utilize for education.  I used a blog to create this journey, but you could create it in a word document, Google Docs, and PowerPoint, or just about anything else.  We can ask the students to create these or we can create them as teachers.

Some questions that I would encourage you to think about (whether this is the beginning, middle, or end) are:

  • If we were to assess our education system through the lens of the history of the web, what stage does education fall under?  
    • Is it static with little input from the students or is it interactive?
  • Can we expect what Web 3.0 will be?  If so, how can we bring that into education?

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