Why I chose the technology

I chose the different technology because I wanted to make a treasure hunt of sorts.  When I was teaching in the schools, my favorite thing to do was do what I called a Jeopardy lesson.  This is where the first slide has a bunch of things that the students can learn about in whatever order they decide to.

This required that I create a bunch of different aspects of the same topic that were not hierarchical.   I really enjoy doing this on a blog because it’s easier and students can have very easy access to it.  With a PowerPoint, I would have to

I chose the different tools for different rhetorical reasons.  I wanted to create a document style that did not allow for any commenting or interactivity.  For this reason, I chose the Google Slides and Documents.  I then realized that there was a Web 1.5 because many sites now have some aspects of 1.0 and 2.0 so I found the Prezi to be smart.  I chose not to create a path because it would allow the audience to interact in whatever way they wanted to with the presentation.

For Web 3.0, I tried to do the “What is it?” on Twitter, but I found that it was difficult, so I switched that to a YouTube video and used Twitter for Examples.

When I was teaching, I taught students who were characterized by a disengagement, so I tried many different things.  I found out that they really liked these lesson because they got to choose.  It also breaks up the tedium of a lecture/presentation and it keeps them on their toes because they will soon have to answer again.


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