Identity, Agency, and Blogging

Humanistic writing helps students begin to develop agency, the ability, power, and courage to begin crafting who they are.  I define humanistic writing as the ability to insert parts of oneself into a piece of writing instead of professional or dead writing where you need to stay objective.  However, objectivity is impossible for humans since the Terministic Screen (In Kenneth Burke’s terminology) that we use makes it so we cannot be objective.

Blogs fit perfectly into this because, depending on how you use them, they can help the students begin to develop a humanistic voice that is so imperative to identity.  Every piece of writing (and I believe work, therefore, I should say composition here) holds a part of that students identity.

If we are, as Samuel Coleridge says, to help grow an ideal poet (composer could also be put here), we must help them understand that they must bring their whole soul into the writing so the reader can bring their whole soul to the reading.  The only way to do that is (stick with me here and watch the video)…

Okay, so, the only way we can help grow an ideal poet who brings their whole identity or soul into their work is by…to change what Ken Watanabe says in the clip above…let them write.

Some Questions to Consider:

  • Do you think a student can insert their own voice into professional writing?
    • If so, how can we help teach them how to do that?
    • If not, why not?

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