Towards a New Frontier of Uncomfortable Learning

It is interesting to note that the unhierarchically structured aspect of this presentation is challenging some of us.  The fact that, even though I posted and began this presentation on Wednesday, I can still go in and address questions and comments that come up go to show how great of a tool this is.

I say that this is unhierarchically structured because it has structure to it in the shape of the fact that I am not just throwing you out there and saying, “Research this.”  In fact, I have links where you can click on for whatever you want to learn about.  You can structure it hierarchically however you need to do it by clicking on the links in whatever order you did.  Basically, this is an example of giving students agency.

I’d like to use an analogy now (because I love analogies).  I look at this kind of presentation as an open world game.  There is structure in the sense that there is information out there that I have linked it to, but it is up to you in which way you decide to go through it.  In this way, I view this type of lesson as an open world role playing game.

Some questions to think about:

  • Why is it challenging to go through an unhierarchically structured presentation?
  • If we start students early enough with this type of presentation, will they also struggle with its openness?

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