Burke’s Program – Attitudes as part of the Method

Though approach them as method, he gets a deeper sense of the attitudes behind the method

Kenneth Burke

This is a part of Coleridge that I had not thought about.  If we are teaching the Method, then we have teaching the attitudes behind the Method.

I wonder if the Method is the attitudes with which we approach making meaning and knowledge for ourselves.  This fits rather perfectly with Coleridge.  That’s why he doesn’t explicitly say what it looks like, it is actually the attitudes with which we approach things.  That’s why Coleridge seems disappointed in the uneducated.  They don’t care to know something explicitly, they just want to live life as expected (aka live a normal life).

Coleridge even talks about this attitude toward knowledge creation in the following quote:

Thus exuberance of mind, on the one hand, interferes with the forms of Method; but sterility of mind, on the other, wanting the spring and impulse to mental action, is wholly destructive of Method itself.

Samuel Coleridge

The exuberance, or excitement, of the mind interferes with the forms (could this be reworded as the attitudes?) of Method whereas sterility, or apathy, of the mind destroys Method itself because it has an apathetic attitude towards creating meaning and knowledge.


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