Burke’s Program – In which he pulls a Coleridge…Again

[The Bohemian’s] defense is…difficult and roundabout, with the possible exception of our key-word, “curiosity,” though even that is often discredited by companionship with an adjective of ill repute: “idle.”

Kenneth Burke

Thus exuberance of mind, on the one hand, interferes with the forms of Method; but sterility of mind, on the other, wanting the spring and impulse to mental action, is wholly destructive of Method itself.

Samuel Coleridge

At first glance at the two quotes above, what do you see?  I see the same sentence put into different words.

The Bohemian’s (or artist) defense of why they do what they do is to satiate, or quench, their curiosity (or exuberance).

Upon seeing all of these similarities and even comparing the titles, I have to believe that these are basically saying the same thing.  Coleridge’s Method is Burke’s Program.  There are probably differences that I have not recognized, but that is certainly what this seems like to me.


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