The Identity of my Thesis (as of February 19, 2015)

The purpose of this blog so far has been to document my journey towards my thesis.  Through documenting this by writing reviews and freewrites about particular topics, I hope to develop and find the identity of my thesis.  I believe it is through writing that my thesis will begin to form, so I write on this blog.

So where is my thesis right now?  It’s an amalgamated mashup of theories that fit so well that it becomes confusing.  Lacan, Foucault, Hall, Coleridge, Althusser, Yergeau, and Burke all float around in my head telling me their theories and I make the connections.  Where am I going for my thesis?  So far, it hasn’t let me know the true extent of its haunting beauty.

What if I write about all of these theories and more that fit with autism?  But some would say that that is not specific enough.  Can I focus on just one?  I could, but I worry that I won’t be able to write that much on it.

What if I look at all of those theories and put them out side by side and see the connections that most likely only I can see?  I think I am going to do that.  Maybe I can find something that will help me begin to see what my thesis could grow into.

Why not try it?  I’ll try it on here on this blog at random intervals (possibly regular if I get into the groove of it and see that it is helping).


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