Nature of the Free-Write Category

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that my free-writes are not supposed to be academically sound. Most of the time, I am vomiting out my thoughts onto the page by typing. Typically, I just think them, but since I am working towards my thesis, I want to get them out onto paper/e-paper.

Through writing my thoughts, I can see them and then assess them critically. Therefore, it is very possible that I will actually end up disagreeing with myself either IN the post or in a different post. So, if you want clear, academic discourse that explicitly defines things, you will probably want to stay away from my Free-writes.

So, yeah…what I might do is write a new post to summarize what I now think about topics. I probably will, but will probably end up disagreeing with myself in those too. But I might just keep those in my head or write those in the post and switch it to a free-write.

However, does disagreeing with myself constitute a free-write? In this case, for right now, it does because I am wierd with an “ie” instead of “ei.”


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