Hawk – Obvious Terministic Screen

Rousseau also gave impetus to the subjective epistemologies of his century, favoring private, expressive, and intuitive models of discourse over formal, social or artificial ones…

(emphasis added, Burton qtd. in Hawk)

The terminist screen that is used in the quote above is surprisingly strong.  To say that Romanticism is intuitive while Vitalism is artificial is a strong rhetorical choice.  Intuitive is a natural thing within us whereas artificial is a mechanically created thing.

To put it in other words: Romanticism is living, whereas Vitalism is dead.  This is a strong aspect within the second half of Jasper Neel’s “Aristotle’s Voice.”

What is intuitive mean to me?  I was taken to task when I last answered that the last time.  My definition at that time was, “a desire for something, be it knowledge, art, science, etc.”  After thinking about it, I think I would say it is, “An innate knowing that whatever you desire is something to be strived for, be it knowledge, art, science, etc.”


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