I’ve got Chills, Their Multiplyin’

Have you ever had it where you are doing research and you are interested by a particular phrase, so you type it into google and it just so happens that that was the exact thing you needed for a breakthrough.  So, you get a book that just so happens to be free for a limited... Continue Reading →



If you would like to see how my brain works, go to this Prezi.  The Prezi is a visual thing that I am doing in order to see the connections and similarities between the articles that I am reading for my thesis.  As such, I might be working more there than here.  When I face... Continue Reading →

Miller – Mental Verbs

I think I may have sounded as if I don't think that mental verbs matter in a previous post.  I want to clarify that because that may have been what I thought at the time, but after thinking about it a bit, I would like to change my opinion on it. One of the comorbidities... Continue Reading →

Miller – Does it?

Lack of vocabulary to talk about mental states may limit children's theory of mind development and communication. (Miller 149) Is this statement true?  How is it that a child who lacks OUR vocabulary is limited that child's theory of mind?  Let me put it another way that is not a question.  Theory of Mind (ToM)... Continue Reading →

Miller – A Confounding Confuzzling Confusion

Because they lack insight into mental states, children with autism spectrum disorder may use sentence complements with communication verbs to bootstrap an understanding of similar structures with mental state verbs. This hypothesis is consistent with de Villiers and Pyers’s (2002) finding that in children with typical development, understanding of sentence complement structures with communication verbs was a better predictor of false belief... Continue Reading →

Miller – Assumptions

Further evidence that is consistent with a role for family talk in the development of theory of mind comes from deaf children of hearing parents who are late learners of sign language.  Woolfe, Want, and Siegal (2002) found that late signers (who learned sign language in school) performed more poorly on a theory of mind... Continue Reading →

Theory of Mind – Chicken or the Egg?

Hey, so I'm about to riff on Theory of Mind (ToM) for a while.  Right now, I am reading an article called "Developmental Relationships Between Language and Theory of Mind" by Carol Miller. There is evidence that children with siblings are advantaged in theory of mind development...presumably because of the opportunities for discourse and experiences... Continue Reading →

Veeder – The Loss of Zen

One perfectly clear note in Zen is once you have the idea you have lost the Zen Rex Veeder ("Re-Reading Marshall McLuhan: Hectic Zen, Rhetoric and Composition") I can't help but think of the Game when I read this quote.  Haha, I just made you lose.  (For those of you who don't know, the Game... Continue Reading →

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