A Bit of Break and Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Blogcast

I decided to have a bit of a break the last three days from my thesis and homework.  I’ve watched two movies on Stephen Hawking (One with Eddie Redmayne and the other with Benedict Cumberbatch) and one on Doctor Strange (The marvel superhero who will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Didn’t realize that connection until just now…interesting).

One thing that I might think about and write about again after this post is the idea of identity not as a set entity, but as a performance.  I like that because if identity is a set entity (that’s quite a few -tity’s…OH CRAP! THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!!), then it is difficult to understand it from a rhetorical perspective.  But if identity is a actually a performance, then rhetoric fits perfectly better than a glove…like a…I don’t even know.


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