Hawk – Entelechy and Identity

The Aristotelian concept of `entelechy, as an aim contained within the entity, is essentially a biological analogy. It is the title for the fact that the seed `implicitly contains’ a future conforming to its nature, if the external conditions ditions necessary to such unfolding and fulfillment occur in the right order. Were you to think of the circumstances and the seed together, as composing a single process, then the locus of the entelechy could be thought of as residing not just in the nature of the seed, but in the ground of the process as a whole

  – Burke quoted in Hawk

This is long quote, I realize that, but I wonder if it has identity possibility within it.  First, I want to define entelechy as looking for potential.  The seed example that Aristotle uses is one about potential.  The seed could become a tree.

Earlier in the chapter, Hawk discusses how nature has a natural cycle of creation.  Here, however, he is saying that nature exists both inside the seed, but also outside of the seed as well.

Many of us want to think that our identity is ours, we decided on our identity and so we own it and it is ours and ours alone.  However, the environment we live in also affects our identity most of the time subconsciously.  So, I see a connection between this quote and identity because our identity is not just up to us because we do not live in a box with nothing else.  We live in a world of inconspicuous confusions that affect our identity on a daily basis, not even daily, a minutely basis.  A secondly basis?


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