Veeder – The Loss of Zen

One perfectly clear note in Zen is once you have the idea you have lost the Zen

Rex Veeder (“Re-Reading Marshall McLuhan: Hectic Zen, Rhetoric and Composition”)

I can’t help but think of the Game when I read this quote.  Haha, I just made you lose.  (For those of you who don’t know, the Game is when you think about the game, you lose the game and have to try and make other think about the game.  It was a big thing several years ago.)

This introduces the reader to the idea that Zen is a process.  Other quotes that expand on this idea are:

 Hectic Zen is practiced in the space between things.

To practice Hectic Zen is to enter the spaces among things rather than the things themselves

In the first few weeks of the History of Rhetoric class, we learned that Vitalism is a process, it is the process and relationship between two things.  It is the in-between.  Zen, therefore, can be reworded as Vitalism.

Another idea that was emphasized was the idea of Copia, or the relationships between seemingly disparate things.  Hectic could be also be reworded as vitalism, but it could also be reworded as Copia.

Therefore, when you reword the phrase “hectic zen,” you get Copian Vitalism.


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