I’ve got Chills, Their Multiplyin’

Have you ever had it where you are doing research and you are interested by a particular phrase, so you type it into google and it just so happens that that was the exact thing you needed for a breakthrough.  So, you get a book that just so happens to be free for a limited time.

Then, you sit back and start reading a new article on Theory of Mind and there is this part where they are quoting someone with a quote that makes your mouth water because it is so good and fits so well.  So, you go to the resources page and find out that it is the same book that you bought when it was free for a limited time.

I had never heard of Theory of Mind in literature (which is what I am riffing on right now).  I had always seen the connection between the psychological version of Theory of Mind and audience engagement in composing, but I never knew that literature and Theory of Mind were actually written about before.

I’m a nerd and I love research.  It feels so freeing and chill-inducing when you find something and it fits so perfectly into the questions you have been asking.  I bring up questions and write them into the prezi and a few article later, those questions are the very thing the article is talking about.

I love research!


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