6/16/2015 Notes

Note, there are swearwords in these notes.  I have to stay silent during class or else I will probably end up failing it, so I write down what I think at the moment, rather than say it out loud.

  • Grief and disability
    • it’s natural
  • what is your autistic characteristic
    • adhd
    • anxiety
    • ocd
    • annoying repetetive behaviors
    • “We are autistic” haha (laughter)
  • resource sharing
    • self-advocacy
    • blogging?
    • 15 minutes
    • can be something you made
  • about hte autistic mind
    • written by neurotypicals
  • D2L Website
    • no autism self-advocacy network, just autism speaks and autism society of minnesota
  • autism taxonomy (Bolded words are my contributions to the taxonomy)
    • autism
    • behavior
    • creative
    • driven
    • energetic
    • flappy
    • gifted
    • habits
    • intelligent
    • joint compressions
    • kinesthetic
    • life long learners/literal
    • minecraft
    • neurodiverse
    • obsessive
    • pragmatics
    • questioning
    • ritual
    • self-advocacy
    • teachers
    • unique
    • visual
    • witty
    • xtroardinary
    • yell
    • zenith
  • austics can’t put structure into place
    • they don’t know what works for them
    • we need to teach them or place them in structure
  • first signs
    • autistics can’t communicate
    • 1 in 206 at the time of this
    • 4:1 males to females
    • find autism early and intervene will help withprocesses for typical development
    • language = communicate
    • brain cells that are younger than the other parts of the brain cells
    • 4 month old who is very egocentrrrric
    • “We can get his learning on the right track”
      • why is different learning on the wrong track?
    • “deliberate intrusions into isolated play”
    • Try and get your child’s attention so you can push them to the next level
      • even if that is touching them
    • parent who is grieving because their child is not developing typically
    • language brings success
    • pediatrics is advocacy
  • dsm
    • childhood autism
      • what does qualitative impairment mean?
    • Rett’s Disorder is only in girls
    • splinting
      • to stop the repetetive movements
    • “They can fool you until you dig deeper.”
      • autistics can pass
    • motor clumsiness
      • fred vulkner
        • asperger’s syndrome
  • examples of repetetive behaviors
    • head banging, biting
  • there was a time when I wore sandals for two straight years because I couldn’t stand the tapping of shoes on the floor
  • ziggeraut chapter 1
    • 1981 – autistic spectrum
    • “if you grow out of it, you don’t have it”
    • a very negative idea of “autism is this” and it’s overdiagnosed.  They don’t have autism
    • their message is very pathos-based
    • blink (book) – how quickly we make judgements and decisions (how quickly we respond to social crap)
  • theory of mind
    • 6 month old baby
      • Theory of mind research would say that his empathy wasn’t it incorrect
    • someone who does not have atheory of mind is unable to have a reading comprehension
      • the screen shut off
    • episodic memory
      • memory of people’s past actions or thoughts
    • RDI
      • ignore the kid until they “engage with you” by looking at you.
        • Why is looking at you engaging?  Look at other cultures where that is not the case, why can’t we just be okay with differences of behavior like NOT LOOKING AT GOD DAMN FACES
      • The kid was asking questions, but the dad would ignore the kid until the kid asked again looking at him.
    • the video thing- shopping cart
      • that is not just sense of self, it is also understanding of science and the natural world
    • broccoli vs. crackers ToM test
      • “Give me some.” or even “give me something”
      • If the child is eating crackers and the researcher says “give me some,” then the child is going to think that they want some.
      • Even if the researcher asks “give me something” there are two correct answers, no matter which one they choose.  The researcher asked give me something, the correct answer should not be give me something that I like.  That makes no sense.  It is reading in between the lines
        • not a fair assessment
    • Executive Functioning
      • It seems like executive functioning is defined as broadly as possible so any behaviors that an autistic exhibits that is different from that of neurotypicals will fit under the term “executive functioning”
    • Episodic memory
      • this seems like it would fall under executive functioning, not theory of mind.
    • executive functioning fuck-up goes to theory of mind

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