Example of a Lack of Theory of Mind in Neurotypicals for Autistics

Since motivation to communicate is often lacking in children with autism, entempts to communicate, especially with a reluctant communicator.

Location 2004, Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism

Uh, what?  How does this author know that motivation to communicate is often lacking in children with autism?  Because they are not communicating with her in the way that she understands, or worse, in the way she wants/expects them to communicate with her?

That would be like saying someone from another country who speaks to you in the language they know and are fluent in doesn’t have any motivation to communicate.  What!?  Just…wha…how?  Gaah!

I have come across so many mental state comments that these professors ascribe the autistic people that are such despicable generalizations that I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  The most obvious one is “they lack a theory of mind.”  Stated exactly like that, not “there’s a theory that says they lack theory of mind,” just they “lack a theory of mind.”  Or one that I have heard online is said a lot, but still couldn’t believe it when I heard it come out of the ABA professor’s mouth, “When kids with autism stim, they aren’t paying attention.”  asheeehshaabababa. Whaaat!?  Just how?  Wha…wha…why…huh?

So, neurotypicals are imputing mental states to autistic people with no proof at all and most of the time, they are incorrect (about as incorrect as when autistic people try to understand neurotypicals).


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