I’m Starting to Feel Sick

I have to read 6 chapters by next week out of the book “Teaching Communication Skills to Children.  I’m gonna live blog about this experience.  As I come upon something that I find I’m thinking about for more than ten seconds, I will come over here and write about it.  Some of them may be short, some of them may be longer.  It’s very likely that the longer ones are from quotes that really piss me off.

So, to let you know how I am feeling about these classes: I am starting to feel sick.  Morally sick I think may be the best way of putting it.  Possibly emotionally sick because of the immorality of much of what is being taught.

I feel sick because next week, I have a neuropsych test to assess me for autism.  I am planning on doing a presentation at the Survive and Thrive Conference about accepting myself and my autism despite learning how my autism is wrong and needs to be fixed and made to be indistinguishable from my peers.  Basically, a journey to self-love in a culture teaching self-hate.

In the next few weeks, I will possibly have a diagnosis that the world tells me is a death sentence.  A death sentence where the only “chemotherapy” is forsake everything that I am and have been in order to appease a world that will never accept me because I was not born like them.

But I know what it really is.  It’s me.  It’s always been me and I have always been it.

So now, off to learning more about how terrible autism is and how we must force them to functionally and verbally communicate because that is what communicating really is in our society.


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