Why am I looking at the Rhetoric of Science?

Reddish lettering of the word
Reddish lettering of the word “Why” with a small question mark in the hook on the h

Because I am doing a thesis in rhetoric, I need to be using at least something in rhetoric.  Now, I am using rhetorical concepts to critically analyze theory of mind, but those are all small parts of rhetoric where I pull something here and there.  A lot of people call the way I analyze things to be the “theoretical framework.”  So, all of mine are separate, small ways of bringing down theory of mind.

However, I don’t want to be accused of making a strawman argument (Which basically means that I take something down in a quick and easy way, but there are holes in the logic I use).  Therefore, while continuing to use those small pieces, I will also be applying the rhetoric of science framework to theory of mind as well.

So, I am looking at rhetoric of science to be kinda the big theoretical framework that I apply to theory of mind BS.


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