Bauer – A Little Scientific Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

In the second section of Chapter 1, Bauer addresses the claim that it’s important to give people a tiny bit of knowledge about science.  His position is that it is very dangerous to only teach a bit because people will think they know what they are talking about when they hear about science. 

Not only that, but the textbooks science classrooms have puts fort a science that he calls “textbook science” or science that has been around so long that we can’t really question it anymore. Even if it is something that is very new, it still acts as textbook science because it’s in a published science textbook.

Theory of mind, for example, is frontier science (something new) and has flaws, yet it is in every textbook about autism. Usually, it’s surrounded by language that implies that it is an undeniable fact that autistic people lack or struggle with theory of mind. For example in a textbook I had to read over the summer, there is a section discussing three of the main theories about autism. One of them was theory of mind, of course.  They pointed out the flaws in the other two theories, but did not question theory of mind. This makes a reader think that there may be no actual flaws, but if I have done anything in this blog, then I hope I have pointed out spat least some of the flaws behind theory of mind.


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  1. Great an interesting blog, I may follow it a bit more from now on, I think there could me some rather interesting discussions when it comes to theory of mind and the likes. It’s great to see someone taking different viewpoints into account and not here”x isgood, and y is bad, period”.


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