Outline of Sorts (Almost guaranteed is going to change!

The following is an outline for my thesis of sorts that is most likely going to change once I actually start writing the thesis (as compared to the proposal). Chapter 1 - My proposal (Hehe, I will have already written this) Chapter 2 - Rhetorical analysis of several Autism $peaks documents looking at: how they... Continue Reading →


THIS IS IT! My introduction to my Thesis Proposal (For now)

As of right now, this is my proposal introduction and I think I am quite pleased with it.  Tomorrow, I am going to work out how I could possibly see my thesis working plot-wise (Because my thesis advisor really wants me to look at my thesis as a story). The subject of my thesis is how... Continue Reading →

Coming Clean

This is a post where I decide to come clean.  I realize that this may destroy my credibility, but I just want to be honest.  One year ago, I wrote a paper and did a presentation on how autism is not a disability. I hope you don't stop reading there, because that is honestly what... Continue Reading →


Cancer, abuse, AIDS, SIDS, autism, and disability.  Two of these things don't fit with the others.  But why?  Why don't they fit?  My thesis advisor asked me to try and figure it out for my thesis.  Why don't autism and disability fit with the rest?  They are considered disorders, diseases, or impairments, so what makes... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal Introduction – Attempt 1

It is time, the Walrus said, to write the proposal...okay, so no walrus actually said that and that's not even how the quote goes.  But here is my first attempt at writing the intro to my proposal. Abstract Autism Speaks is the self-described “world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization.”  However, looking further into their... Continue Reading →

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