Thesis Proposal: Part IX – Proposal 4

I wrote this in an attempt to summarize where I thought my thesis was at the time.  Looking back on it compared to what we were actually talking about, I don't know what the hell I was thinking!  I only wrote the introduction part of my thesis proposal because I didn't want to move on without... Continue Reading →


Thesis Proposal: Part VIII – Abstract 5

Prior to this abstract write-up, I found that I had an article on Foucault and Autism.  After reading it, I felt I had a strong theoretical framework in the form of Foucault's concepts of genealogy and archaeology.  They both look at tracing back the idea of something back to its core.  Archaeology just looks at... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part II

I'm gonna do Roman Numerals for the titles because I think that would be cool! I wrote this one on September 7 and I had absolutely no idea how to write this at all.  My advisor has a very specific style of thesis proposal that I was trying to mimic, but the first few paragraphs... Continue Reading →

As Promised: Thesis Proposal Part 1

This is the proposal that I wrote last semester (Spring, 2015) for my Research Methods class.  At the time that I wrote this, my thesis was still going to solely look at Theory of Mind.  I wasn't happy with this draft, but it fulfilled the expectations of the class assignment that we write our proposal.... Continue Reading →

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