This Process is exhausting

So, for the month that I was gone, I was writing draft after draft of my thesis proposal.  There were things that didn’t work in each, so I would cut it down.

Once my thesis proposal is approved by my advisor and we are about to schedule the meeting, I plan on beginning to post these drafts.  The reason I am doing this is because I want to show people that this thesis proposal process is not simple.  I have been working on my thesis for about 10 months now and I think I finally wrote my actual thesis proposal.

The thesis proposal has caused me huge stress.  And even though many people like to tell me that the thesis is also going to do that, I don’t think so.  Because in the final thesis, I can add whatever detail I want to.  I can go way overboard on detail and maybe it will be cut before the end, but it is possible that it will be in the thesis.

The proposal is supposed to be: Here’s what I would like to write my thesis on. But you can’t go too in depth because that’s your thesis, not your thesis proposal.  So, it has taken many attempts to challenge my natural writing style and write this proposal.  My natural style being adding detail where I feel it needs to be added and having a 30 page paper in the end.

Throughout my postings, I am going to reveal what my  motivations were for that draft, I will bold the parts that are unique to that draft, and finally, I will discuss what didn’t work for that draft.


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