Thesis Proposal: Part II

I’m gonna do Roman Numerals for the titles because I think that would be cool!

I wrote this one on September 7 and I had absolutely no idea how to write this at all.  My advisor has a very specific style of thesis proposal that I was trying to mimic, but the first few paragraphs were the wall with which I could not climb over.

At this point, it was still on Theory of Mind, but I knew that nothing that I had written for the previous proposal was going to make it in because it was 17 pages.

During the time of this writing, I was mostly just discussing things with my advisor.  Discussing theory of mind and the rhetorical aspects behind it as well as the rhetoric of science which I was going to apply to theory of mind in my final thesis.

So yeah: mental state = “What the hell am I supposed to do here?”  (Haha, I think I’m gonna make this a thing, what was my mental state, since that’s the term that is used in theory of mind bullshit.  But, here it is in all its so tiny, it’s almost non-existent, glory!


The subject of my thesis is how the psychological concept of theory of mind stands stands up when critically looked at from the theoretical perspective of rhetoric of science.

I will critically analyze several of the main documents relating to theory of mind to see if it stands up to the claim that it is a scientific theory.  I will do this by applying several


such as the article where the term was first used; then, a criticism of that article that created the false belief test; then, an article in which theory of mind was first applied to humans; then, move on to the first time theory of mind was applied to autistic people; this is followed by the theoretical framework that was used in the autistic people article; then, we will move on to


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