A journey into the confusion

Every time I hear about or see the social model of disability, something doesn’t quite seem right. However, i have not had the time to really try and figure out why. Now, i have a bit of time.

I’m going to try and see why it doesn’t seem right. Some of this may piss some people off, that pissed off-edness is understandable, but I simply ask for some patience regarding these posts, which I will call something I don’t quite know yet.

I am most likely going to disagree with myself several times if that few. But, I want and need to know why I feel this way. I need to because it is arguably the most ingrained tenet in disability studies.

I will probably research and blog the research I find and sort of let you in on my autistic research process. That way, you can see another thing I haven’t really talked about here very much: research.


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