It begins.

Today, I begin writing my thesis.  I don’t know how far I will get, but I will be starting.  I may get one sentence in, but one sentence is more than I have right now.

It has changed ever-so-slightly since I have gotten to know auto/autistethnographies much better in the last few weeks since Ibby Grace recommended I read “Both Sides of the Table.”  It has been an awesome experience reading the book.

So, I am thinking I might style the autistethnography after Melanie Yergeau’s “Clinically Significant Disturbance: On Theorists who Theorize Theory of Mind.”  In it, she has a narrative piece to start out the article, then, throughout, she adds layers to it throughout and it drives the academic pieces of her article.

So, the story that I am going to tell is how my research has shown me that I don’t quite fit in.  I don’t fit into the definition of Autism that Autism Speaks creates.  I don’t quite fit into the population that the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network advocates for (white, dominant, males).  I don’t quite fit into the population that Autistic Women’s Network (AWN) advocates for (women).  So where do I fit and does this influence my definition of advocacy and, if so, how?

My goal for today, now that I have written this, is to find one article from each of the advocacy organizations (A$, ASAN, AWN, and Grassroots) that relates to each other.  They don’t even necessarily have to be responding to each other.  I think the first thing I am going to look for is self-advocacy documents.

Yes, I have done this already, but I only did a surface glance of A$ and ASAN’s self-advocacy documents.  Can I find one for AWN and Grassroots.

Grassroots is going to be a difficult part because I am thinking that I am going to look at blogs written by grassroots autistic activists, but I wonder if I’m going to face some resistance because I the grassroots autistic activists are not an organization per se.  I’ll just have to write about why I am looking at them.  Though, my narrative kind of does that already.


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