Thesis Draft V

I forgot to post this at the end of the day I wrote it (which was January 5), whoops! I changed the layout of the intro a bit because I felt that it was too heavy, plus, a lot of the definitions are going to be discovered throughout. The main difficulty I am having is... Continue Reading →


Thesis Draft IV

The draft of the narrative for the Introduction is officially completed.  I will probably go in and make some changes to it so that it is similar throughout. Tomorrow, I hope to start (and hopefully finish) the scholarly pieces.  Those will be a bit dry, but I'm gonna try and make them somewhat interesting.  But... Continue Reading →

Thesis Draft III

  I have begun to add the narrative pieces in.  I haven't done much of the scholarly parts because that's going to take a bit longer.  But I will be doing it at some point, so have no worries about that!  I have changed the school names to pseudonyms. My crazy goal is to have... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Porn – Harry Potter Style!

Allow me to interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast for a moment to bring you an allegorical satire of inspiration porn.  Some of you may not know what that is: it is when non-disabled people write an article about how inspiring a disabled person is. Tonight, my giraffe shared an awesome story with me, a story... Continue Reading →

Thesis Draft II

In this draft, I decided that what I had written for my proposal shouldn't be in my introduction.  I decided this because my research question as it stands didn't fit the writing style I was using. I am using an autistethnography, which means it is a story about me that relates to what I am... Continue Reading →

Thesis Draft Part I

So, I am going to post whatever I write on this blog.  I am sure it will probably end up being severely edited and possibly taken out, but I think it will help hold me accountable.  I will bold the parts that are new and maybe reflect a bit on why I did what I... Continue Reading →

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