Disability Studies, Accessibility, and Materiality

A web quest is where you create at least two documents (as I did here) and link them to each other.  There are two options:

Option 1

You assign your students to watch, read, or do them in whatever order they might want to. This allows students to go at their own pace and in their own way.  This is similar to how we assign readings to students, but none of the readings build off of each other.

Option 2

However, sometimes, we have lessons that are hierarchical where you need to know something before you can learn something else (alphabet before reading). In this case, just link to one document (like a YouTube video) where the link to the next one can be found.  This would be like when we assign readings and they all build off of each other.


If you do it this way, it becomes like a web quest to follow the clues (links) to the treasure (knowledge). Wow, the treasure is knowledge…that doesn’t sound nerdy at all!


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