Writing Program Administration and Disability – Part the Ist (First): What’s the Idea behind the Paper

Hello, it is that time of the semester again where I have to write big papers.  So, I’m gonna do similar to what I have done in the past.  So feel free to check out this Prezi that sort of acts as a mindmap presentation thingy of things that I am finding in my research.  That’s not a good description, though, so here’s another one: it’s a graphic version of an annotated bibliography.

Idea behind the Paper

The research question that I want to answer right now is as follows:

  • Are there articles out there on how writing program administrators prepare for—or worse—respond to disabled students?
    • If there are, what do they say?

I like to start very basic with my research questions and as I find more and more articles, the research question begins to shift to what it will ultimately be about.  So, if you have read anything on this blog, you may have noticed that I started my thesis with the question of “how is identity formed in autistic people” and that evolved into, ultimately, the question of “how is advocacy rhetorically constructed?”  I can share that process in a nutshell, just let me know if you want the story.

So, that’s where my starting question is.  I’m going to write this autoethnographically, meaning I will be telling my own journey through this research.  So, that might include stories about my thought process as I read articles or as the research question began to shift.  It may also include stories of my own experiences in writing classrooms and how what I read helps me to understand those experiences better.

I will post new things on here every day, though I must state that I am terrified that what I write may be ableist.  I usually like to keep all of the things to myself and not share it with anyone until I am absolutely sure that there isn’t ableism in it.  But I’m g0ing to forgo that.  And honestly, another thing to know is that I might only post like a sentence or a paragraph.  And that is okay because it means I am writing.  Some days I will post a lot (days where I have a lot of writing to do because it is either a very good article or a very horrendous article), other days might be a sentence or two on how I didn’t do anything that day.

So, without further ado, here we go.


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