Free-write: Person-First Language Part II (Yeah, I’m counting via roman numerals)

I was just thinking about this just now and I came to the realization that it is the dominant culture (the ones who are not disabled) who are saying we should use person first language.  Now that I think about it a bit more, couldn't it be another attempt to marginalize people? I say that... Continue Reading →


Free-Write: Person-First Language

This is the first post of what I expect will be many where I struggle to figure out whether I should use person first language or not. I earned my undergraduate degree in special education where it was drilled into me that the students who I teach are people first; therefore, I should use person... Continue Reading →

A History of Marginalizing – Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the marginalization of children from the Native American communities at boarding schools.  Today, I want to move ahead a number of years to a new technology and a different type of culture with similarities to the autistic culture: the deaf culture.  Those who are vocal in the deaf culture believe that deafness... Continue Reading →

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