Oh Beautiful Irony that is Autism $peaks

I am currently working on an assignment for my Special Education (SPED) class where I am supposed to work come up with two resources for use in the classroom for autistic students.  I was thinking about just posting this on Facebook, but I decided to put it here because I can write more and reflect... Continue Reading →


6/17/2015 Notes

Again, there are swearwords. "Our eyes think" what the hell? Theory of mind history (I got bored during this part of class, so I kind of started writing this by memory) 1890 - JM Baldwin (Concepts behind theory of mind) 1940? - Piaget (Perspective-taking) If it was before (started before), then Theory of Mind is... Continue Reading →

6/16/2015 Notes

Note, there are swearwords in these notes.  I have to stay silent during class or else I will probably end up failing it, so I write down what I think at the moment, rather than say it out loud. Grief and disability it's natural what is your autistic characteristic adhd anxiety ocd annoying repetetive behaviors "We... Continue Reading →

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