Miller – A Confounding Confuzzling Confusion

Because they lack insight into mental states, children with autism spectrum disorder may use sentence complements with communication verbs to bootstrap an understanding of similar structures with mental state verbs. This hypothesis is consistent with de Villiers and Pyers’s (2002) finding that in children with typical development, understanding of sentence complement structures with communication verbs was a better predictor of false belief... Continue Reading →


Free-Write: Person-First Language

This is the first post of what I expect will be many where I struggle to figure out whether I should use person first language or not. I earned my undergraduate degree in special education where it was drilled into me that the students who I teach are people first; therefore, I should use person... Continue Reading →

A History of Marginalizing – Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the marginalization of children from the Native American communities at boarding schools.  Today, I want to move ahead a number of years to a new technology and a different type of culture with similarities to the autistic culture: the deaf culture.  Those who are vocal in the deaf culture believe that deafness... Continue Reading →

Slenderman the game for neurotypicals to understand autistic people. Slenderman the game for neurotypicals to understand autistic people. You start out in the corner of a playground.  Around you are children playing on the equipment.  Curiosity got the better of me, so I walked over to two of the children.  As I got closer, the screen began to get fuzzy and I looked... Continue Reading →

FreeWrite Review: Where are the Orphans Why don’t Jerry’s Orphans speak up to the media?  They are wasting a perfect opportunity to get their message out there.  Their message about discrimination of the MDA (Muscular Distrophy “Association?”) by refusing to allow volunteers with disabilities to work at a Muscular Dystrophe camp. This makes me nervous because it may impact my... Continue Reading →

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