A journey into the confusion

Every time I hear about or see the social model of disability, something doesn't quite seem right. However, i have not had the time to really try and figure out why. Now, i have a bit of time. I'm going to try and see why it doesn't seem right. Some of this may piss some... Continue Reading →



Cancer, abuse, AIDS, SIDS, autism, and disability.  Two of these things don't fit with the others.  But why?  Why don't they fit?  My thesis advisor asked me to try and figure it out for my thesis.  Why don't autism and disability fit with the rest?  They are considered disorders, diseases, or impairments, so what makes... Continue Reading →

Leslie – Gah!

Suppose we start with a representation of the current perceptual situation, for example, this is a banana. This is decoupled to "this is a banana." Because its normal semantics has been suspended, the expression can be manipulated freely without fear of abusing the normal representational system existing out- side this context. So, for example, it... Continue Reading →

Miller – Mental Verbs

I think I may have sounded as if I don't think that mental verbs matter in a previous post.  I want to clarify that because that may have been what I thought at the time, but after thinking about it a bit, I would like to change my opinion on it. One of the comorbidities... Continue Reading →

Miller – Does it?

Lack of vocabulary to talk about mental states may limit children's theory of mind development and communication. (Miller 149) Is this statement true?  How is it that a child who lacks OUR vocabulary is limited that child's theory of mind?  Let me put it another way that is not a question.  Theory of Mind (ToM)... Continue Reading →

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