An Embodied Pedagogy

This week, I read an article on a professor who had his students write a story about a person of the opposite gender.  First, I would like to gently criticize (it may not be gentle, I just wanted to say that because I don't think I've ever said that before) the article.  The article maintains... Continue Reading →


At the Intersection of Embodied Rhetoric and Intersectionality

This week, I read Activism and Rhetoric, an anthology of rhetorician activists and activist rhetoricians expounding on how they embody the intersectionality of rhetoric and activism.  I use the word embody purposely because it is imperative to recognize that intersectionality, by its very nature, is not just a rhetorical or ethereal experience; it impacts our... Continue Reading →

Finding the Balance (or lack there-of)

I am teaching ENGL 150 this semester, it's an Iowa State University Communications (ISUComm) foundational composition course.  One thing that makes 150 unique is that it has a place-based theme, the idea of helping the students get to know Iowa State University.  Now, I really like the theme because it really works with the students... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Discourses

I heard about G. Thomas Goodnight when I was at the scientific rhetoric pre-conference at Rhetoric of Society this year.  Almost immediately, I saw the ramifications of what he was saying on my own research. Goodnight basically says that there are three different spheres of discourse: public, private, and technical.  He describes how each works... Continue Reading →

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