As Promised: Thesis Proposal Part 1

This is the proposal that I wrote last semester (Spring, 2015) for my Research Methods class.  At the time that I wrote this, my thesis was still going to solely look at Theory of Mind.  I wasn't happy with this draft, but it fulfilled the expectations of the class assignment that we write our proposal.... Continue Reading →


Thesis Proposal Finally Submitted

I have finally finished and submitted my proposal to my committee.  So, as I promised, over the next few weeks (because there are quite a few of them), I will be publishing the drafts of my proposal starting tomorrow. I am probably going to reflect on things as well because this last week has not... Continue Reading →


If you would like to see how my brain works, go to this Prezi.  The Prezi is a visual thing that I am doing in order to see the connections and similarities between the articles that I am reading for my thesis.  As such, I might be working more there than here.  When I face... Continue Reading →

Miller – Mental Verbs

I think I may have sounded as if I don't think that mental verbs matter in a previous post.  I want to clarify that because that may have been what I thought at the time, but after thinking about it a bit, I would like to change my opinion on it. One of the comorbidities... Continue Reading →

Miller – Does it?

Lack of vocabulary to talk about mental states may limit children's theory of mind development and communication. (Miller 149) Is this statement true?  How is it that a child who lacks OUR vocabulary is limited that child's theory of mind?  Let me put it another way that is not a question.  Theory of Mind (ToM)... Continue Reading →

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