Analyzing Writing IV

TW: MENTION OF SCHOOL SHOOTING On the fourth Stephen King book now.  Whoo.  This will be looking at the third book that Stephen King published. RAGE by Stephen King Okay, so a quick history about this: Stephen King published Rage under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.  Eventually, he let this book fall out of print because... Continue Reading →


Prologue and Chapter 1 of Mad Teacher Walking

Prologue My name is Thomas Harper, and I’m going to start this story with the story that set up this story.  Wow, now that I look back at that, that is a whole helluva lot of stories in that sentence.  I should probably delete that, but I won’t.  And now, without further ado—voila! ----- I... Continue Reading →

Disability in Film

Trigger Warning: Death, suicide, and ableism. So, I am reading Jay Dolmage's book "Disability Rhetoric" right now and his first interchapter is about challenging the myths surrounding disability.  He discusses the idea of disability in film and that reminded me of the rage that surrounded the movie "Me Before You." ***Spoiler alert*** Me before You... Continue Reading →

War on Diabetes?

There's a rhetorical move (that I think can be characterized as a topois because of how widely it is used) that is often used when talking about various things disability.  In the article How a national food policy could save millions of lives, the authors use the phrase "war on type II diabetes."  The move... Continue Reading →


In Stephanie Vie's In defense of "slacktivism," she talks uses the theoretical framework of memetics.  Now, when I first heard about memes a few years ago (as in the rhetorical meme, meaning something that replicates itself using us like a movie quote, song, images, etc.), I couldn't help but think of enthymemes.  An enthymeme is... Continue Reading →

Finding the Balance (or lack there-of)

I am teaching ENGL 150 this semester, it's an Iowa State University Communications (ISUComm) foundational composition course.  One thing that makes 150 unique is that it has a place-based theme, the idea of helping the students get to know Iowa State University.  Now, I really like the theme because it really works with the students... Continue Reading →

Reading Speed

Holy crap, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post!  But no matter, I'm back and want to write again. I am not going to discuss what I've been up to since my last post, I'm going to do that at another time.  I want to discuss something that I kind... Continue Reading →

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