Analyzing Writing III

You may notice a pattern of all of the books that I am reviewing right now.  I am doing a Stephen King book marathon this summer where I try to figure out how he writes.  The patterns in each book that mark his own writing style.  I wanted to do it because I've heard so... Continue Reading →


Analyzing Writing II

I don't know if I like the title of this series, but I'll deal with it for now.  I'm wondering about these things, let me know if any of them stick out to you. Reading like a Writer The Writer Reads The Reading Writer I'm kinda partial to The Reading Writer, but that might be... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Writing – Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger”

This is the first of a new series of posts that I will be doing throughout the summer. I am looking at different books that I read for how they write the story, specifically focusing on what kind of sentences they use, how they describe characters' appearances, and just anything that sticks out to me. So, for this first post, I'm going to start with Stephen King's The Gunslinger. Image Description: An image of the book cover for Stephen King's The Gunslinger, the first book of The Dark Tower series. The image shows a figure dressed like a cowboy wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a coat that goes down to his ankles, holding a gun, he's looking down at a crow that is perching on a pile of bones. This figure is standing in the middle of an orange red desert with a sandstorm beginning behind him. On the bottom right, there is a keyhole. In the far background, there is a tower standing alone. At the top, the text reads, "#1 New York Times Bestseller Stephen King The Dark Tower 1 The Gunslinger." At the bottom, the text reads, "A Major Motion Picture Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey."

Writing Program Administration and Disability – Part the II: Summary and Thoughts on Amy Vidali’s “Disabling Writing Program Administration”

I really need to start making shorter titles.  I had a poresentation that I did in December that was called, "Autoethnographies: Confronting and Subverting the Neurotypical Bias in First Year Composition Classrooms."  Yeah, I think they ended up cutting off the words after Neurotypical bias.  But, alas, that doesn't really matter. So, this type of post will... Continue Reading →

Disability in Film

Trigger Warning: Death, suicide, and ableism. So, I am reading Jay Dolmage's book "Disability Rhetoric" right now and his first interchapter is about challenging the myths surrounding disability.  He discusses the idea of disability in film and that reminded me of the rage that surrounded the movie "Me Before You." ***Spoiler alert*** Me before You... Continue Reading →

War on Diabetes?

There's a rhetorical move (that I think can be characterized as a topois because of how widely it is used) that is often used when talking about various things disability.  In the article How a national food policy could save millions of lives, the authors use the phrase "war on type II diabetes."  The move... Continue Reading →

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